Sunday, June 27, 2021

Message from Hiro Sensei re: UBC Dojo

 Message from Hiro Sensei:

Hi Members & future members.

I hope everyone is doing well during this long pandemic time.
Looks like we can see the Exit Light in near future.

I discussed about situation of reopening our Iaido class with Rec UBC.
Also went to take a look the site of Rec area. I was there last October & surprised how those area changed.... There are so many new high-raised buildings around Rec now.
It was hardly recognized where is the our familiar Rec building....

Anyway, we are preparing for official restart Iaido class from September.
They are trying indoor Yoga class or outdoor Kickboxing as trial at this moment.
Under Stage 2, seems none of official indoor recreation classes are opened yet.

Just, I’d like to let you know Iaido in Rec UBC will start from September like before.
So meanwhile enjoy this summer & stay safe.

Hiro Inoue
Vancouver Iaido Club