Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Images from Boston Seminar

Here is a brief report of Boston Seminar :

Iai seminar was held in Boston MA. USA (at Cambridge War Memorial Recreation Centre), hosted by Boston Iai Dojo.

The seminar was for 4 days long on Thursday Sep. 23rd, Saturday 25th, Sunday 26th & Monday 27th. (refer attached PDF file)

Around 20 people gathered on this seminar, this year's special guest instructor was Wout sensei from Belgium & myself as usual.

First day, we did introduction of Iaido, I was glad to see some of familiar faces, but many were new members. People are "Come & Go", as everywhere.

From second day, We divided into 2 groups, switched back & forth to meet all students. Covered mostly Batto-ho & Seiza no Bu.

On Sunday afternoon, we had Sho-do (Japanese calligraphy, see attached photos) demonstration by Imai sensei, then followed by our Iai Embukai.

It was quite successful seminar, They arranged a huge beautiful gym for this seminar (12,000 Sq. feet / about same size as last Nanaimo seminar).

I thank to Cuong, Tam & dojo members for their hospitality & hard work.

Hiro Inoue