Saturday, January 30, 2010

Marpole Dojo

Peter P., Ron P., Sensei, Lindsay, Peter C.

The Marpole Dojo is located on 990 West 59th Avenue near Oak Street. Classes are currently 4:45 pm to 6:15 pm on Thursday evenings and the drop-in fee is $6.00 CAD per class. The class size is small, which translates to more focused instruction to individual students. This is something that new and senior students can benefit from.

Also, a reminder to all students that we have two seminars coming up:

Vernon seminar and CIA general meetingDate: April 24th and 25th.
Place: Vernon

Annual CIA Seminar - June 4th to 6th
Date: June 4th to 6th
Place: Nanaimo

If you want to go and need a lift, don't hesitate to ask someone who is already going - rides are being arranged all the time. These seminars are a good chance to get some focused instruction and there is an opportunity to see members from other dojos and how they do things.

Monday, January 18, 2010

News - 2009-01-18

Hi All,

1) This upcoming April (24th and 25th) seminar in Vernon will be similar to the one we just hosted in Vancouver. It will be dedicated to the memory of the late Bill Lewis sensei who passed away recently. If interested in attending please mark it on your calendars. More information on travel and accommodations will be made available at a later date. Also the CIA's annual general meeting will take place there for association business.

2) The annual CIA seminar (with the sensei's from Japan: Kato sensei, Kaneda sensei, and another sensei to be determined) will be Jun 4-6 in Nanaimo. For new members: Annual CIA seminars involve senior ranking senseis from the national association and we typically receive attendees from across North America and around the world. Senior Japanese sensei's are brought over to instruct and it's a great training opportunity. Also, rank gradings are only conducted at this seminar. Those eligible for gradings will be approached by sensei in the coming months. Confirmation on which senseis will attend to come later.

3) Marpole's Iaido practice is Thursdays 4:45-6:15 at the Marpole community center on 59th and Oak street. See the club website for directions (yes it has been updated, see our new blog too under news). Registration for this class is separate from the UBC dojo.

4) A new term has started at UBC so members who have not yet registered and paid the REC, please do so by this week. Registration can be done in person or online at


Kelvin P.

2007-03-19 Lynda and Okasan's demo on Urban Rush TV Show

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Powell Street Festival 2009-08-06

New Year's Class Photo 2009 and New Year's Practice/local seminar

Iaido Summer Party 2008-08-09

A well stocked fridge = happiness.
Steaks and ribs....and some vegetation wrapped in foil.
Richard T. (AKA Gigantor) and Melissa
Avery Y. and Sensei
Claire F. and Yosuke.
Kelvin P., Yosuke, John M.

Jeremy S. presents the winner of the big stick.
Sensei and monster bokuto.

Gigantor and monster bokuto.
Sensei and Yosuke
Don't cry Yosuke.
Jenny and Yosuke
Simon, Jeremy, and Constantine.
Jamie, Kim, and Jenny
Jenny and Peter C.
Asahi and Peter P.

Powell Street Festival 2008-08-02

Left to Right: Vincent C., Peter P., Jeremy S., Hiro Sensei, Ron P., Peter C., Paul K., Claire F., Constantine, Steve
Claire F.
Peter C.
Paul K.
Peter, Vince, Constantine
Steve and Ron
Jeremy S
Peter P. and Vince C.