Monday, February 24, 2020

One of our members bought this shinken from a member of Todo Kai Iaido, Nanaimo back in 2011.

It's a Tozando International/Nishijin shinken made with T10 steel and was fitted with an Edo-period tsuba by the previous owner. It appears that this series has been out of production for some time now.

From Nishijin's website at the time: "Nishijin Sword's Iaito swords have already received numerous praises from the users with its superior balance, workmanship and finish. Now with the new hard carbon steel blade, you can experience the real Japanese sword feeling and test cutting. Unlike other competitors in the market, each and every sword is specifically handmade under the supervision of Tozando/Nishijin Sword and the technical guidance of the Japanese master sword craftsman in Seki of Gifu. Although the final product is assembled in China, the quality of the fitting materials is as same as the one available in Japan and as such ornaments as Tsuba and Tsuka are shipped from Japan"

Saturday Morning Renshu at UBC Dojo - New guys got their uniforms!

Brad's new Shinken - Motohara/Evolution Blades

One of our senior members, Brad C, got his first shinken last summer and it has some very interesting fittings.

Some info on the shinken:

 Motohara Custom L6 Katana
 Silver fittings
 Custom ray skin saya

Friday, February 14, 2020