Sunday, November 24, 2013

Message from Sensei re: Boston seminar date

Hi Members,

As you may know, next year's (2014) Kokusai Renmei seminar will be hold in Boston (Red Socks country) MA. USA.
Boston dojo is the host of the seminar, Cuong is working on this event right now.

On behalf of Cuong, I'd like to announce following information.
Date of seminar has been confirmed with Japan as August 1st (Friday), 2nd (Saturday) & 3rd (Sunday) 2014.
Esaka sensei & co-instructor(s) are coming over Boston. This will be the first visit for them to East cost of North America.
Probably, will be Esaka sensei's last visit in USA. (He cerebrated his 88 years old birthday last month)

Rest of detailed information will be posted on soon.
Just let you guys know the date of seminar in advance, so you can make your travel schedule.
Boston is quite far (no direct flight from Vancouver), but They send bunch of people for our seminar every year.
Let's send many people to Boston, & support their seminar this time.

Go Socks Go !
Hiro Inoue
(Vancouver Iaidojo)

Message from Ron re: Kokusai Renmei Annual Seminar

The Seminar will be held in Boston from Friday,August 1st to Sunday,August 3rd 2014.
The Boston and San Francisco Dojos always send a large number of students to our Seminars in Canada.
Hiro Sensei wants our Canadian Dojos to be well represented in Boston so please start saving your money and plan your vacations accordingly so that you can attend.

Just a reminder-we will be holding our Seminar again this year at the Scottish Cultural Centre in January.The date is Saturday,January 11th,2014 so please mark the date on your calendar.Information on the times and cost of the sessions will be sent out closer to the date of the Seminar.

New Year's Party will be after practice at the Blue Star Japanese Bistro on Saturday,January 4th,2014.