Sunday, April 14, 2019

Demonstration at Sakura Days Japan Fair - SDJF

Demo at annual Sakura Days Japan Fair - Photos by Richard Trska
This was the first time the Vancouver Eishin Ryu Iaido Club demonstrated at Sakura Days Japan Fair. It was a pretty big event, probably the biggest Japanese cultural event this time of year.

There were lots of vendors, performers and food stalls, and despite the crummy weather, there was a pretty big turn out. Our members were wet and very cold, but managed to push through with our demo. Thanks to Saori for being our announcer and Richard for taking those incredible photos for us!

Hopefully we get to attend again and hopefully it will be warm and dry next time

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival 2019 demo

Demonstration at the 3rd annual Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival in Steveston. It was an incredibly well organized event with a very large tent which housed a nice, clean demonstration area, which the organizers cleaned by hand.

There was a very, very big turnout for the event and the seats were filled despite very little promotion of our demonstration.

Great venue to demonstrate at, hope we get chance to attend this event again!

It was a fun event for all ages.  

Special thanks to Ayako for coming out and being our announcer, and Richard for being our photographer!