Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2010 Vancouver Iaido Christmas Party

Hi Everyone,

Really short notice here, but this year's Christmas party will be held this Saturday at Richard's house.

Come to class Saturday to find out where it is, or e-mail or call sensei

Peter P.

Message from Sensei Re: 2011 CIA Seminar

Let's add following info on CIA web.

Practice Time:
* June 3rd (Friday) @2 pm to 4 pm (2 hours) & 6 pm to 8 pm (2 hours)
* June 4th (Saturday) @10 pm to Noon (2 hours) & 2 pm to 4 pm (2 hours)
* June 5th (Sunday) @10 pm to Noon (2 hours)    

Shoudan Shinsa (Dan exam) & Free practice or Embu kai                                  
* June 5th (Sunday) @2 pm to 5 pm (3 hours)Instructors from Japan ZNIR:
* Kato Haruo Sensei (Hanshi 10th dan)
* Kaneda Hisato Sensei (8th dan)
* Masumura Katsumi Sensei (7th dan)