Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hi All,

3 announcements:

1) New Classes will start from July 7th,

Place : Marpole Community Centre (59th & Oak St.)

Time : 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm on Wednesdays.

Cost : $45 (July & August)

* Since there have been only a few Registrations the last few sessions, I'm Not sure we can continue Iaido classes in Marpole in the future. If you would like to come out to Marpole practice please register. It's a great way to get more personal instructions from Sensei.

2) The club's annual summer party is approaching. The date has not been confirmed yet but it will be in July some time. We are in need of a venue so if anyone is willing to volunteer their home that would be great. We're a well-behaved bunch. Please if anyone has a place to offer up do let us know. FYI all food is covered by the club for this event.

3) Powell Festival: We have raffle tickets available for the Powell festival lottery fundraiser. Tickets are $2 each so please come out and support the festival. Prizes are listed here: http://www.powellstreetfestival.com/festival/psf-lottery/



Kelvin P

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Annual CIA Seminar 2010 - Nanaimo Day 1

The Seven Potatoes (Nanaimo) Seminar kicked off on June 4th, Friday, with Iaidoka coming in from all over the country, and in some cases, the states.
Yasuna-san from Boston bumped into Koji S. (Vancouver), Brad C. (Vancouver) and Peter P. (Vancouver) on BC Ferries from Tsawwassen to Duke Point, Nanaimo).
Koji-san's wife packed a lunch for a few of us that were car pooling together. We had Inari, veggies, boiled eggs, tonkatsu, and grilled salmon....oishi.
Kelvin P. and Koji S. from Vancouver.
Koji S., Brad C., Ron P., Kelvin P., and Maki S.
Koji S.
Koji S.
Maki S.
Ron P., and Peter P.
Peter P. and Koji S.
Bahman E. and Constantine. Adrian from Bahman's dojo in the foreground.
Brad C. and Koji S.
Rosa from Vancouver
Peter P., Kato Sensei, Koji S.
Inoue Hiro sensei and Kato sensei.
Staying up late to watch Mifune Toshiro in Musashi.

Annual CIA Seminar 2010 - Nanaimo Day 2

Andre and his wife, who took a lot of these photos.
Kaneda Sensei, Kato Sensei, Masumura Sensei, Peter P.
Maki S., Kelvin P., Brad C., Inoue Hiro Sensei, Ron P., Constantine
Our Seminar dinner was at Urban Beet.  For pictures of the food, please visit Oishizo.
That looks like a 1.8 litre bottle of Koshi no Kanbai.