Friday, January 10, 2020

Free Week at UBC REC + Rajio

UBC REC has their Free Week at the start of every semester for people to try out various programs free of charge and if they decide they like it, they can register for the program later on.  We managed to get some photos from Thursday Practice at UBC Dojo - Photo Credit:  Konstantine O.

Daniel S sweeping the floor, thanks Dan!

Junbi taiso (準備体操 - warming up exercise) which includes stretching and footwork.

Suburi (素振) , when there are significant number of new students in class, we substitute suburi in from our normal Tachiuchi practice

Reiho or Reishiki (礼式), etiquette, method of bowing, dodo etiquette

 There's a good read about The Importance of Reishiki for anyone who has begun studying iaido.

Mokuso or silent thinking/meditation (why mokuso?)

Brad tore his hakama in that horrendous mess of a store room at UBC Dojo.  Looks like it should be repairable, but sill sucks

Carrying on the after-practice tradition of grabbing a few beers and having a few laughs after practice

Shin-okasan?  Okasan ni go?

Okasan-ni go:  One beer limit sensei

2 lb steak