Sunday, July 25, 2010

Annoucement - 9th Annual Gasshuku

Hi Folks,

Sorry for the late notice on this one, but Todo Kai Iaido in Parksville will be hosting their 9th annual Gasshuku (training camp) on August 7th and 8th.  Seminar sessions will be located in the Bradley Centre on Shearme Road in Coombs.

Here's the schedule:

9:30-12:00 and 1pm to 3:30pm.


The sessions will be $15 per person (low income rate $10), and a deli lunch will be served for all attending ($8+/-).  On Saturday night, Peter Gunstone Sensei will be hosting a BBQ from 5:00pm (BYOB and pot luck, buns and salad will be supplied).  Peter Guntsone sensei will also be providing tent space for about 25 people so please RSVP Peter Gunstone Sensei as soon as possible. Friday night arrival at Peter Gunstone sensei's home is OK.

If you have further questions, please contact Hiro sensei or Peter Gunstone sensei.

Peter P.

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