Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Message from Ron - Re: Kokusai Renmei

Hi Guys.

Sensei wants members that have a Dan ranking to transfer their Dan rank from the CIA to Kokusai Renmei.The cost to receive a new Dan Certificate from Kokusai Renmei is 2000 Japanese yen.Members who hold a Dan rank under the CIA and who wish to test at the Seminar in May 2013 will have to have their Dan Certificate transferred in order to test. Kelvin will be going to Japan in January and he is willing to take the money for the Dan Transfer Fee as well as the 5000 Japanese Yen from those people who have not yet paid their Annual Dues for 2013.Kelvin wants Japanese Yen only-no Canadian cash or cheques.You can give me your Japanese Yen and I will issue you a written receipt and pass the cash along to Kelvin.


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