Thursday, December 9, 2010

Iaido Christmas Party 2010

...And Richard T's farewell party.

From left to right:  Turbo, Hiroki, Nao, Shirley, Konstantine, Vincent, Andre hidden behind Richard, Ayako, and Sensei.

Sushi, what else?  As usual, we got the world's supply of sushi from Sushi King.

Koji-san prepares his frozen baguettes.

Yi and her friend made special cookies just for the party - katana cookies!  And if you look real close, they even included a bo-hi in every blade!

Yi's friend, Yi, Shirley and Hiroki.

Prawn cocktail courtesy of Shirey
Sensei and Ayako

Vince, Rich and Konstantine

Koji-san, Sensei and Andre

Vince and one of Richard's suburi bokuto.

It's abit heavier than it looks.

And of course Richard's field sword has to make an appearance at every iaido get together.

It's like the iaido version of Santa Claus, everyone wants to take a picture with Rich and his monster.

Back to suburi practice...

Sensei and Bahman

Shirley and Ayako's muffins.

Way to go Yi!  Brand new to the dojo, but with as much spirit and enthusiasm as any senior member.

Dessert's ready.

Yi's cookies get the boss' approval.

Breathe between bites Vince...

Richard getting some fatherly advice before his departure back east.

Peter P. and Yi

Ayako and Shirley start the seiza club

Some of Peter C's paintings

What kind of iaido party would it be with a good old samurai movie?

Maki-chan, the late arrival....kawaiso.....all the oishi food is gone!


  1. You didn't save any food for Maki? tsk tsk...

    Ah sad to see Rich go. Best of luck.

  2. Hey Kelvin,

    Richard will be back...when are you and Jeremy back?


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